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Idaho Curfew Law

Statewide Curfew Laws
City Curfew Laws

No statewide Idaho curfew law was found which specifies a curfew for juveniles, however, Idaho law does outline provisions for cities/municipalities [more]


Please be advised that your county, township or city may have an ordinance (local law) specifying a curfew for juveniles. You are advised to contact your city, township, local juvenile department or local police department to see if there are curfew laws in your particular region in your state.








A parent is found penalized if their child under the age of 16 is found after curfew that is established by the county or town

Idaho State Law


(1) Any county or city may by ordinance establish and enforce the offense of failure to supervise a child as provided in this section.

(2) The ordinance may provide that a person who is the parent, lawful guardian or other person, except a foster parent, lawfully charged with the care or custody of a child under sixteen (16) years of age commits the offense of failure to supervise a child if the child:

(c) Violates a curfew law of the county or city enacting the ordinance authorized under this section.

20-549. Curfew violations -- Citation -- Notification. Violation by a juvenile of a curfew established by a municipal or county ordinance shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed three hundred dollars ($300), detention, or both. Fines shall be deposited in the county juvenile justice fund of the county where the violation occurred, or if such a fund has not been established, then in the current county expense account for juvenile corrections purposes in the county where the violation occurred. The imposition of detention shall be subject to the provisions of sections 20-520(1)(b) and 20-521, Idaho Code. Detention of a juvenile in a county jail for violation of a curfew is prohibited.
Any peace officer may issue a citation for violation of a curfew that shall thereafter proceed under the juvenile corrections act in the same manner as though the violation was charged by a petition. Citations shall be issued on the Idaho uniform citation form. The peace officer issuing a curfew citation may detain the violator and at the time the citation is issued shall make a reasonable effort to obtain the endorsement of the juvenile's parent or legal guardian on the citation. If the endorsement of a parent or legal guardian cannot be obtained with the exercise of reasonable diligence, a copy of the citation shall be hand delivered or mailed to the juvenile's parent or legal guardian by a peace officer at least seven (7) days prior to the date set for the juvenile's appearance. The citation shall provide a date certain for the appearance before a magistrate of the juvenile and parent or legal guardian.
When sentencing a juvenile for violating a curfew, the court may also enter any order authorized in section 20-520, Idaho Code. The court shall have jurisdiction over the parent or legal guardian of the violator pursuant to section 20-522, Idaho Code.




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