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Anger Online Curfew Class for Under Age Youth Cited for Curfew Violation.

This online Curfew Class was specially created to provide teen courts, youth courts, peer courts, diversion programs, juvenile departments and schools with a beneficial and cost effective educational response to those who were cited for curfew violations. The class takes about two hours for the student to complete. There are several chapters/modules to complete with an exam at the end of each.  After passing the exam, the student can proceed to the next chapter. Successfully completing the final exam activates a Certificate of Completion which confirms completion of the entire class.

Less Expensive: Only $19.99 One fee, no added fees.

theft / shoplifting classes Online Curfew Class Registration:

The Student clicks on the " Register Now " button located on this screen. The Student registers for the class by inputting his/her name etc. and creates a "username" and "password." Once registered, the student picks the “Curfew Class”, makes payment (Visa or MasterCard) and begins the class. This is a 100% online Curfew Class, available 24 hours a day. Stop and start any time you want. Support 7 days a week.

Once registered, the student can stop and start their Curfew Class as needed. The class is engaging and includes narration, reading, and thought provoking ideas. Most of all the class is educational and does not attempt to control the youth's decision making process, judge or tell them what to do. Fundamental to our approach is the belief that people will make their own decisions and tend to become more resistive the more others try to tell them what to do.
theft / shoplifting classes Less Expensive:

One fee with no added fees.  Our online curfew classes set an industry standard as one of the nation's premier provider of online curfew classes. We not only offer our curfew classes online but we also offer a curfew workbook.

About Us

At Offender Solutions® Inc. we are quite proud of what we have accomplished. Offender Solutions® was founded through the combined 44 years of experience of a parole officer, a juvenile probation officer, masters level counselor, two college instructors and a justice system policy analyst.  Each of these roles contributed greatly to the style, delivery and content of our curfew class.
As you surely know, getting results with offenders is no easy task. We don't make ridiculous claims like a 95% success rate but we do know that we use the best practices.  We address the criminogenic risk factor - attitudes, values and beliefs. Offender Solutions® addresses victim issues, accountability and personal responsibility.  Our approach is the most effective intervention - cognitive restructuring.

We are proud of our work and expect you will be pleased with our offender solution.



Online Curfew Class

Anger Management Class 2 hour class
Anger Management Class 5 Modules
Anger Management Class Final Exam

Anger Management Class Certificate of Completion when done


Our Online Curfew Class was specially created to provide teen courts, youth courts, peer courts, diversion programs, juvenile departments and schools with a beneficial and cost effective educational response to those who were cited for curfew violations.


Anytime, at the student's convenience. In your home, start and stop whenever you want. Registration is active for 1 year.

Program Description:

This program is for people who have been involved in violation of a curfew law.  The student works through several chapters and is tested after each assignment and again at the conclusion of the course.  A Certificate of Completion is activated at the conclusion of the course and can be printed and used as confirmation of completion.  The program takes about two hours to complete.

History of Offender Solutions®:

Over the years, Offender Solutions® has received national recognition in magazines such as Seventeen, The Lookout, The Business Journal, Consumer Reports' Zillions Magazine, The New Yorker and Counseling Today.

The underlying concepts of Offender Solutions® originated between 1975 and 1983.  Two Juvenile Court Counselors, Steve Houseworth and Patrick Murphy, felt ineffective as they worked within the juvenile justice system and set out to improve their skills.  Originally while dealing with juvenile offenders, these men, like the majority of correctional personnel, focused on the deed, stressed consequences and assumed the offender knew what was wrong with what he/she did.  Later, out of personal interest and frustration at watching offenders recycle themselves, they decided to specialize in the most frequently occurring crimes and violations. 

Thousands of offenders later, this exciting program has undergone many changes. Feeling the results of their study and research was too important to keep to themselves, the corporation, Offender Solutions® Counseling Service Inc., a nonprofit corporation, was founded.  Since March of 1983 Offender Solutions® has been actively involved in counseling throughout the nation.

Our staff is frequently asked how we talk people out of committing violations or crimes of this nature.  Our answer to this question is that we do not try to talk people out of anything.  Instead, we recognize that we cannot control their behavior nor make their decisions for them.  Further, we realize that threatening, trying to scare or educating on the possible consequences has continuously proven to be an ineffective intervention.  We find our clients are much less resistant once they learn we do not judge them and we genuinely admit our position of powerlessness.  A pleasant benefit of this position is that it diffuses the more traditional power struggle between "The System" and "The Offender".  The outcome of this approach is similar to what would be expected when properly implementing the Motivational Interviewing approach.

Offender Solutions® uses an evidence based cognitive restructuring approach in all of the services it offers.  Though our class material is heavily laced with content which addresses thinking errors, the classes are not marketed as "thinking error" classes.  If the person referring is wanting the client to be exposed to a class which introduces thinking errors and focuses on the different types of thinking errors our classes would not meet that standard.  The primary focus of all Offender Solutions® class is to specifically address the criminogenic risk factor of - attitudes, values and beliefs.  We are of the opinion, and the research supports, that the most potent risk factor identified to date is - attitudes, values and beliefs. Our approach can best be summarized by the following:

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
~Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)


As you can probably tell by now, the theory, philosophy and techniques of Offender Solutions® are quite unique, specialized and effective. The primary intervention used is referred to as cognitive restructuring.

In each class offered there is an appropriate and relevant reference to victim awareness issues.

Again, welcome to the Offender Solutions® Curfew Class web page. Please take the time to peruse all our pages, we think they will prove to be of interest to you.

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The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

Walden, Henry David Thoreau




Our Philosophy

"Change your thoughts and you will change your world."

Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)


Curfew Class

The Offender Solutions® Inc. online curfew class is intended to be a diversion / education class available to juvenile departments, teen courts, peer courts and youth courts. Our curfew class is appropriate for juveniles of any age and takes approximately 2 hour to complete.

Curfew Class Online

This is a 100% completely online curfew class that is 100% self paced. That's right, you can stop and start anytime you want - on your time schedule! ? Sign out and come back later, the computer will take you back to where you ended. Work on it a half hour at a time, more sometimes, less others - you choose.

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