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A two hour curfew class that you can stop and start anytime you want - on your schedule! This curfew class is completely self-paced.  Just sign out and come back later; the computer will take you back to where you ended. That's right, work on it 10 minutes at a time; sometimes more, sometimes less - you choose. It's only two hours long.

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Curfew Class: Curriculum


1. Introduction

a. Mike and Justin

2. What is Curfew?

a. Types of Curfews

b. Why Have Curfews?

3. History of Curfew?

a. Curfew in the Middle Ages

b. Origins of "Curfew"

c. Teens and Gangs

4. The Cover of Darkness

a. Being a Victim

b. Preventing Teens from Offending

c. Group Think

d. Daytime Curfew

e. The Glasses You Wear

f. Free Country

g. The Elephant and the Rider

h. What To Do If?

i. Alligator Swamp

5. Review



Chapter 1: Introduction



Let me guess … I suspect you don’t really want to take this class, but you have been told you have to complete this to satisfy some requirement.  Perhaps it was a juvenile counselor, probation officer, peer or teen court that is giving you this condition to fulfill.

Well we will try not to make it to painful or difficult! You will need to work through ____ sections.  There is a final exam that really can’t be passed unless you take the time to read it.  The exam is written to make sure you understand the concepts and to make sure you have read the material.  Our guess is that you may want to skim, but that probably won’t work and we don’t want to set you up to be frustrated when you take the test, so if you want to save time don’t skim. Read the material, and don’t rush. 

We estimate that this online course will take approximately2 hours to complete.  You can stop, take a break at anytime and then return to taking the class.  This is something we recommend you do. If you log out, when you log back in you will be asked if you want to start where you left off.

Ok, let’s get started! We will begin with Mike and Justin’s story.

Mike and Justin

Saturday night. The best night of the week.  With no school tomorrow and the only plan is to sleep in late on Sunday, Justin was over at Mike’s, hanging out in the family room playing video games.  Mike’s parents were watching TV upstairs in their bedroom…they were probably asleep by now. 

“Hey Mike, ya hungry?” Justin asked.  “Do you want to walk down to the mini market to get something to eat?”

“Sure”, said Mike… “Let’s go.”  He didn't want to wake his parents, and since he walked there all the time, he felt no need to let them know.  “Just got to get some money, and then we can go.”

Justin and Mike opened the door and were careful not to slam the screen door as they stepped outside.   It was a pleasant night since the air was still warm after reaching the 90s for the day.  They started walking the few blocks to the convenience store.  When they arrived, Justin pushed open the glass door and held it open for Mike to walk through.  The store was’t that large, but they went down one aisle and then the next, looking for their favorite snacks.  Mike grabbed some chips, a candy bar and a coke, while Justin decided he wanted a hot dog.  They walked up to the front of the store to the cash register.  Mike pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and gave it to the clerk.  As Mike put his change in his front pocket, Justin pushed on the glass door leading outside.  They walked to one of the poles in front of the store and leaned against it while eating their food.

They were just about finished eating when a police car pulled up into the parking lot.  Mike and Justin watched as the two cops got out of their vehicle and started heading toward the boys.  Mike wasn't worried, they were just hanging out eating and not doing anything wrong, so he turned to throw his trash into the trash can that was to the left of the store’s front door.

“Hey you guys”, the taller cop said, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing much” Mike said as he turned around.

The cop replied, “Do you know what time it is? “
“No”, said Mike, “I don’t got a watch”.

“Well, it is past curfew…you are breaking curfew”….

“What do ya mean?  We weren't doing nothing wrong!  We were just standing here eating.”

“Well, you are out past midnight.  That’s past the time you guys can be out without supervision.  We are going to have to take you in for being out past curfew”.

“What do you mean?”, Justin stammered he and Mike were handcuffed and put in the police car.  “We’re just hanging out and now we are arrested for curfew?  Why I didn't even know that I was doing anything wrong.  I don’t even know what the curfew hours are!! 

Does this situation sound familiar? Have you been in a similar situation?  Now that you have started the course you may be thinking… “ What will this class do for me?”  “Why should I read this?”  If you are thinking this or similar thoughts, I would have to agree with you…I would be thinking those thoughts too. 

 Now is a good time to tell you about this class and a little about who we are.  First, we will not tell you what to do or not do; we are sure you have many people in your life already doing that.  We won’t tell you how to live your life.  We presume you will make your own choices.  You get to decide what to do and how to live your life.  We are also not here to lecture or judge you.

What we can do is to educate you about curfew.  We can tell you how to find the laws in your community, because not knowing the laws is not a reason to not follow them nor a legal defense.** We can teach you about the history of curfew and the reason why it exists to help in your decision to choose to stay out past curfew or not.


Our Philosophy

"Change your thoughts and you will change your world."

Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993)


Curfew Class

The Offender Solutions® Inc. online curfew class is intended to be a diversion / education class available to juvenile departments, teen courts, peer courts and youth courts. Our curfew class is appropriate for juveniles of any age and takes approximately 2 hour to complete.

Curfew Class Online

This is a 100% completely online curfew class that is 100% self paced. That's right, you can stop and start anytime you want - on your time schedule! ? Sign out and come back later, the computer will take you back to where you ended. Work on it a half hour at a time, more sometimes, less others - you choose.

Go ahead ... get started now!